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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saison Update

So the saison has been workin' away for two weeks now. It still needs a good bit of attenuation. I broke my hydrometer so I'm going by taste testing and well, its still too malty.

I assure you that I did not piss in a cup and call it beer.

The color also leaves something to be desired, but hey. Not much you can do now. I think my error was using the amber sugar to affect the color of the beer and then not making it dark enough. The level of haze is good though.

Today I transferred my saison to a secondary:

Due to the awkward size of the batch because I lost so much wort, my batch was too big to fit into a 3 gallon carboy and kinda too small for a 6 gallon.

In a week, I'm gonna pitch some brettanomyces and throw in some oak cubes for a barrel aged character and then bottle after a week or so.


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