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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brew Day: Kolsch part eins

Today was a brew day that went swimmingly. Shockingly, everything seemed to go well. It was absolutely beautiful out and a perfect day for brewing.

Of course my first German beer is going to be introduced by a photograph making a brew kettle look as ominous as possible...

I had no issues with my mash tun, which was pretty awesome. Mashing was done at 148 degrees F for 1 hour, using 3.5 gallons of strike water (just Long Island tap water). Then I Vorlaufed and then lautered with 3 gallons of 185 degree F water. Mash pH was around 4.6 from my test strips.

Since I was only using 8# of grain, mashing out went quickly. The hot break took awhile to build up steam though...

In the meantime, the yeast starter was looking pretty healthy.

Blogger is only letting me upload a few pictures per post and since everything went easily today, I ended up taking a decent amount of pictures. So, stay tuned for the second and more substantial part of this post! Cheers!

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