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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brew Day: Kolsch part zwei

When we last joined our brew-heroes, they were patiently waiting for the hot break, which should be coming up right about NOW!

You'll see later that the Hallertau hops were two different alpha acid contents, the reason being that I only ordered 1 oz from Midwest on accident and had to get the rest by Rebel Brewer since they get it out to you much faster.

Mmm, Hallertau hops...

I did a 60 minute boil with hop additions at 60 and 30 minutes, Irish moss and yeast nutrient at 15 minutes, super moss at 10 minutes, and then chilled to pitching temperature.

After the boil I was pretty spot on with nailing 5 gallons for the final batch, which I'm happy about.

And finally pitching the patiently waiting yeast. Go forth and feast, my yeast!

Damn, I'm weird.

So anyway, here's the technical crapola.

5 gallon batch

7# German pils
.5# German light Munich
.5# German light wheat

1 oz 3.8 alpha Hallertau at 60 minutes
1 oz 3.0 alpha Hallertau at 30 minutes

Wyeast 1001 - German Ale ~300 mL starter.

2 teaspoon yeast nutrient at 15 minutes
1 teaspoon Irish moss at 15 minutes
5 teaspoon Super Moss at 10 minutes

Single step infusion mash at 148 degree F

Fermenting at 60 degrees F.

So yeah, no drama today. Just got to sit and enjoy brewing this beer. Can't wait to try it. Cheers!

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