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Monday, April 25, 2011

Bottling the Citra DIPA

Annnnd the Citra Imperial IPA is bottled! I am surprised how much volume I lost due to the 4 oz of pellet hops from the fermentor and the 2 oz of full flower hops from the dry hopping. The next time I brew such a hoppy beer, I'm going to have to do a better job stopping that from happening. Bagging the hops would probably help or using some other piece of equipment, and maybe brewing a larger batch so it ends up with more beer in the final product.

As always, did a little into a glass just to see how it is right now. A little chill on the glass because I stuck it in the fridge in the glass to get it to slightly above room temperature before sampling it.

While you can't really tell what the final product is going to be like from this given that its pretty flat, you can tell that the dry hopping really added a lot in the nose of this beer. Big, tropical hop character in the nose and a little more bitterness in the taste than it was before it was dry hopped.

I tried pitching some yeast (used White Labs California yeast) to the bottling bucket to see if that helps my history of under-carbonated beer.

I also printed out the label I posted earlier and just taped them on really quickly so they look pretty. I'll bottle condition them for a week and then we'll see how they are. Can't wait!

The photos are a little poor because I was taking them with my phone's camera. Cheers!

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