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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Future Plans

Coming up, I have a few plans for home brewing. I figure I'll fill you in!

1. Kolsch.

Coming up next is Kolsch. I have all my stuff ready to go and as soon as my final exams are over, I will get to brewing it. For a 5 gal batch, the recipe is:

7# German Pils
.5# Light Munich
.5# German Pale Wheat

1 oz Hallertau @ 60 minute
1 oz Hallertau @ 30 minute

Irish Moss and Yeast Nutrient in boil

Wyeast 1007 - German Ale Yeast

Single step infusion mash at 149 degrees F.

This is going to be the summer beer that I brew. What's more refreshing than a Kolsch? Not much. I'm using Wyeast 1007 because I've used it before and I got a very clean flavor from it, and Kolsch yeast doesn't sound easy to work with.

2. Iris Saison - Take Two

After learning a lot from brewing my first saison and from reading Farmhouse Ales by Phil Markowski, I think retackling this beer will be a good idea. The recipe will be adjusted as such:

8# Belgian Pils
.5# wheat malt
.13# Belgian debittered black malt
.25 # table sugar

1 oz Hallertau @ 60 minute
1 0z Hallertau @ 15 minute
1 oz Hallertau @ 5 minute

Yeast nutrient in boil

Wyeast 3711 - French Saison

Mash schedule is:
  • Rest at 113 degree F 30 minutes
  • Raise to 131 degree F 15 minutes
  • Raise to 144 degree F 30 minutes
  • Raise to 154 degree F 15 minutes
  • Raise and mash out at 165 degree F
French Saison yeast is easier to use and is less of an emo yeast, the malt bill will make for a lighter beer, traditional hops might work better than the American ones, and the mash schedule is out of Farmhouse Ales.

3. Either a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout or a Smoked Porter.

I figure this will get brewed around July and will be drinking in August when its starting to cool. The oatmeal stout will look like:

7# Maris Otter
1.25 # flaked oats
1# Caramel 10L
1# Carapils
.5# Carafa 1
.25# pale chocolate
.25# chocolate
.25# dark chocolate

1 oz Chinook

Irish moss, yeast nutrient and cocoa powder in boil. Cacao nibs in secondary.

Wyeast 1084 - Irish Ale Yeast

And the Smoked Porter...

8# Golden Promise
1 # Carapils
.5# CaraMunich III
.5 # Chocolate
.25# Peated Malt
.25# Black Patent

1 oz Chinook @ 60 minute

Wyeast 1084 - Irish Ale Yeast

Both will make for easy drinking and more robust beers for the beginning of the fall.

4. An Imperial Russian Stout.

Still working on ideas for this, but I figure I brew this at the end of the summer and its drinking by the middle of the winter.

5. An Imperial Porter or Export strength stout with pumpkin for the fall.

The girl loves pumpkin beers, I've only had one I really liked (Southern Tier's Pumking), but I figure a big, dark beer with some pumpkin might please us both.


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