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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Citra DIPA Brew Day

Finally, an all grain batch goes (relatively) smoothly!

That's a lot of Citra hops...

This is the first beer that I made a yeast starter for. Since the original gravity is going to be kind of high on this one, a yeast starter helps the yeast ferment a bit better.

I got my strike water to 165 and when added to my grain, I got a mash temperature of 150. Its a little lower than I have done in the past, but this should help the beer dry out a little bit more. I don't think there's anything worse than a sweet DIPA. I was aiming for 7 gallons of wort and boiling it down to 5.5, but I ended up getting 6.5 and boiling down to 5. I wanted some extra for a 5 gallon batch because with a DIPA, you end up losing a lot of volume to vegetal matter from the hops.

I had an extra .1 oz of hops so I added that to the 5 minute addition so as not to add more bitterness. I also decided to add some Irish moss to the beer to clarify it a bit. Once I stopped the boil and started cooling down to get to pitching temperature, I noticed the ridiculous amount of hops floating around. You can kinda see it here...

And after aerating, pitched a nice amount of California ale yeast.

Overall, had a relatively easy brew day. I'm planning on bottling the saison tomorrow. I'm gonna be using my flip top bottles, which are 16 oz so hopefully it goes quick. Tonight, we're celebrating with a trip to Bobbique! Cheers.

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