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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Das Kolsch! Tasting

Finally drinking the Kolsch. Poured it into a Gaffel Kolsch stange.

Look: very pale body with a thin layer of white head that doesn't have much retention and doesn't leave much lacing either. Its clear of sediment but has a little haze. Looks about right for a Kolsch, though it could improve with a clearer body.

Smell: light pilsner malt, some slight fruitiness, and very slight wine like character as well. No noticeable hop aroma. Its all pretty subtle, which is good because that's what I was going for.

Taste: follows the nose with a light pilsner malt character, a little fruity, with a little bit of hop bitterness, dry and slightly tart. There's a slight wheat taste in the finish that lingers. Overall, pretty much what a Kolsch should taste like.

Feel: light bodied, lightly carbonated, dry, and very drinkable. This is definitely a beer I could see myself drinking a few of on a hot day.

Overall Impression: this more or less nailed what I wanted this beer to taste like. Its easy drinking yet interesting enough to make me want to drink it. I definitely see this one appealing to fans of light beer. I think if I make this one again, I would brew it the same way. Cheers!

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